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Consignment Saddle Rules and Regulations

1. RS Saddlery charges a 15% commission for all saddles sold on consignment.

2. We allow consignors to price their own saddles, but are also happy to assist the consignor determine a fair market value if needed.


3. If the saddle has not sold within 30 days and has minimal interest, we may ask the consignor to reduce their price or pick up their saddle. There is no charge for picking up a saddle that has not sold. 

4. We do not accept saddles without a makers mark on consignment. However, we will consider these saddles for a buyout.

5. All saddles are subject to inspection before we will take them in on consignment.

6. Saddle is displayed in-store and on our website. If you choose to have us list your saddle on consignment, we fully expect the sale to go through RS Saddlery.

7. The Consignor can decide if the saddle is allowed out on a trial – the saddle will be paid for in full prior to leaving the store and must be returned in the same condition it left. Trial periods are 3 days from when the saddle is received.

8. We will contact the Consignor with any offers less than what the saddle is listed for. The consignor will have the option to accept, decline or counter the offer.

9. Once the saddle is officially sold, the Consignor will be issued a check in approximately 7 days. The checks are mailed to the address given at the time the saddle was dropped off. If the Consignor wants the check mailed to another address, the Consignor must contact RS Saddlery to notify them of an address change. 

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