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16.5 " Tucker Horizon North Star - Medium Tree

Based upon Tucker’s best-selling T60 High Plains, the Horizon series North Star has the same wide 14 1/2″ swell and deep, 5” cantle to keep you secure and supported in the saddle. The leather is truly exceptional – English bridle leather is known for its luxurious softness from the first time you use it and naturally resists moisture and the elements. With the Ergonomic seat and Gel-Cush bar liners, you and your horse will never be more comfortable!Long days and sore joints in the saddle have met their match! After a long ride, an ordinary saddle leaves your joints hurting, your back sore, and soft areas tender. Tucker Trail Saddles are known all over the world for their incredible comfort which is second to none. A Tucker Horizon series trail saddle will give you an entirely different riding experience. From the advanced saddle tree system to the ergonomic shock absorbing seat, experience the most advanced equine riding system available. It’s more than another trail saddle – it’s the Horizon series by Tucker.

16.5" Medium Tucker Horizon North Star

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