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Circle Y Oak Grove Trail Saddle 16" Wide Tree


The Oak Grove has the best of worlds when it comes to comfort and looks. It has a solid wood tree with Flex2® skirt and comfort features plus rugged rawhide accents. Softee™ seat jockeys and fenders are super soft and broken in right from the start, EBS stirrups help eliminate torque on your knees and ankles, and Impact Foam seat keeps you comfortable mile after mile. The Flex2® skirt system with Neo-Shock skirt for shock absorption and Tunnel Skirt for spine relief keep the horse comfortable and the saddle lightweight.<br /><br />This saddle has a secure, 5-inch cantle that provides back support and helps you stay in place on steep terrain. The black Apache seat is a unique distressed material that provides more grip than grainout, with less stick than suede. The close contact skirt shape is cut out underneath for more precise cueing and less weight. Each of the six conchos has a small dee and long saddle strings to conveniently attach your gear. Simple barbwire hand tooling borders the saddle so it’s easy to clean.<br /><br />Overall, this saddle looks rugged but has many comfort features for you and your horse. You can’t go wrong!

16" Wide Circle Y Oak Grove

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