Badland Buckstitch Barrel Saddle

14.5"- Wide Tree




The Badlands Flex2® barrel has a tree designed to fit the foundation type horse that needs a wider fit from the shoulder through the loin. Metallic copper buckstitching pops against the rich chocolate leather. Each Badland barrel saddle is built with these key features: low profile fit for close contact with your horse, Grip-Rite close contact skirt liner for grip and no slip, pre-shaped fenders for rider comfort with rubber grip treads on aluminum stirrups to keep feet secure, and matching flank cinch included. Dished seat keeps you in the saddle in a balanced position. Close contact skirt for precise cues.  This saddle allows your horse freedom of movement and keeps you close to the horse for control.

14.5" Badlands Buckstitch Barrel Saddle