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0132-6000 – Stage B

9" Cheeks 5" Mouth

Smooth Snaffle Mouth-Chain Curb-Long Shanks. This bit is selected by Ty Mitchell and Martha Josey for practice and slow work. It’s a good transition from an O-ring snaffle, or a sensitive or light mouthed horse. Gag action for bend and flex with long shanks for whoa. Stainless steel mouth.

Remember: start with the lightest bit possible and progress from there. It’s difficult to move backwards.

“These bits have proven themselves, not only in our Josey Clinics, Schools, and Seminars, but also in competitions around the world.” – Martha Josey

Martha Josey is a living legend within barrel racing through her competitive accomplishments and also through her highly sought after year-round clinics. She is an 11-Time NFR Qualifier Barrel Racer, NFR World Champion 1980, WPRA and NBHA Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist Barrel Racer, and Clinician.

Reinsman’s Handshake Promise is a lifetime bit warranty from craftsmanship defects: Our commitment to you is to build the highest quality products from the best materials. Reinsman bits are warrantied to be free of craftsmanship defects throughout its useful life.

Moving from Direct Reining to Neck Reining? Stage B is all about transition, with the introduction of leverage and curb pressure. Short Shanked bits and Half-Gags comprise Stage B.

Martha Josey Long Shank Single Joint

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