Zoombang technology is scientifically tested and proven to protect against impact injury. Zoombang is a patented polymer material that provides truly intelligent protection. At rest, Zoombang acts as a liquid to assure perfect fit and malleability. But on impact it immediately transforms to a solid state, reacting proporionally to the energy applied. As a result, Zoombang only becomes as rigid as necessary to absorb and dissipate incoming shock. 
-Breathable design remains securely in place, providing conformal layered protection
-Hand woven, 100% New Zealand wool blanket top can be folded back for ship placement if necessary and lays clean and flat against the pad
-Durable orthopedic grade felt bottom absorbs moisture, remains soft and pliable, and provides excellent shock absorption
-34"X 38"

Zone Series Wool Top Saddle Pads With Zoombang