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Frequently Asked Questions about RS Saddles

How do I read the numbers on the latigo tag?

01 - Semi Quarter Horse Bars
02 - Full Quarter Horse Bars 
03 - Wide Bars

Gullet Size-
Barrel Saddles:
01 - 6.5” gullet
02 - 6.75” gullet

Training Saddles:
01 - 6.75” gullet
02 - 7” gullet
03 - 7.5” gullet

Seat Size-
Seat size will most likely be stamped on the opposite side of the tree stamp.


Style Number - typically a 3-4 digits

#2206- Training Saddle or RS Show

#1131, 510, 1130 (older- #1039, 1040) - Barrel Saddle

#1115, 1118, 3015, 1034, 1036 - Roping Saddle

#2106, 2105, 1750 - Reining Saddle

#3100- Kids Roping Saddle


What should I sell my RS saddle for?

Saddle RETAIL prices starts at $1,095. Used saddle RETAIL prices most commonly range at $500-$950 based on condition. If trading, contact the store and we can get you a formal quote.


How to clean and break in your RS Saddle?

Cleaning Rough-out Leather: For daily care, use a stiff bristle brush to get large spots clean of dust and dirt. Do not use any conditioners or cleaners. To restore rough-out that has become smooth, take either a wire bristle brush or sandpaper and work in a circular motion. You will have leather residue that will come off. You are essentially taking off that top layer of leather and causing it to become "rough" again.


Cleaning Smooth or Tooled Leather: To make sure you do not scratch your smooth leather or tooling, use softer tools on these areas than on your rough-out. Start by cleaning as much dirt off as possible with a dry rag or cloth; you can also use a piece of wool. Next, use a leather cleaner with a soft cloth, sponge, or wool to get the remaining dirt off the leather and in the tooling. Small details can be gone over with a soft bristle toothbrush and your cleaner of choice. After everything is cleaned, use a leather conditioner or oil to recondition the leather. When choosing a conditioner, you want a product that soaks in nicely. Avoid anything with wax in it. We recommend Bick 4 conditioner or 100% pure Neatsfoot oil (not compound). Neatsfoot WILL darken the color of the leather, but a conditioner such as Bick 4 will not.


Getting your fenders soft and broke-in: Start by placing your saddle on a saddle rack that is open underneath. You will need to get a broom or stick, this will be used to turn the stirrups and fenders while the saddle sits on the stand. Take a oil of your choice or water and lather or wet up the backside of your fenders. Once this is done, turn your stirrups in the direction they would go if you were riding and use the broom or stick to hold both in place overnight by inserting it through both stirrups.

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