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A sidekick to the Nettles Stirrups Premier Line, it too was designed by cutting horse Hall of Fame trainer and problem-solving guru Ronnie Nettles. Made of five oak laminates from logs milled at the Nettles Stirrups Manufacturing Company, The Chisholm is a great basic work stirrup. It is graded at five stations during the building process, has rounded inside edges. The Chisholm’s excellent stability and smart style makes it the best value in economy stirrups on the market.


“The Leveler”, available only as an addition to Nettles Stirrups. An unleveled stirrup causes a foot to tilt, stressing the ankle. Like sand in your shoe, even the smallest tilt can cause discomfort. “The Leveler” may be added to any new pair ordered or you may ship your stirrups to our facility to have “The Leveler” added to your favorite pair of Nettles Stirrups. Price per pair.

Nettles 'Chisholm' 2" Stirrups - Mahogany

PriceFrom $172.00
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