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"If you still ride an oxbow because you like its slender sides and tread but would like to have a flat bottom stirrup, this is the stirrup for you. “The Halfbreed” with its wider opening through the middle is the perfect stirrup for someone with a wider foot, a great feature inherited from its Oxbow relative."


“The Leveler”, available only as an addition to Nettles Stirrups. An unleveled stirrup causes a foot to tilt, stressing the ankle. Like sand in your shoe, even the smallest tilt can cause discomfort. “The Leveler” may be added to any new pair ordered or you may ship your stirrups to our facility to have “The Leveler” added to your favorite pair of Nettles Stirrups. Price per pair.

Nettles 'Halfbreed' 2" Stirrups - Rustic Wrangler

PriceFrom $246.00
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