*If you can't select the size you're looking for, then we're currently out of stock. We're expecting shipments in June, July, and August 2021. There is a waiting list, if you would like to be added to it please contact the store at 507-263-6010. Sorry for the inconvenience*


RS Roughout Training Saddles - Sizes are 14", 14.5" 15", 15.5", 16", or 17" and can be offered in three tree sizes are Semi QH Bar Tree (01) with 6 3/4" gullet, Full QH Bar Tree (02) with 7" gullet, and Wide Bar Tree (03) with 7.5" gullet. 

Inventory can vary, check the website or call with questions. 


Our training saddle has become one of the most sought after training saddles on the market due to comfort, durability, and price. We often hear people say the prefer our training saddle over their show saddle!

RS Training Saddle